Fresh Vegetable Stir Fry and Health Benefits

If you are on a diet or trying to keep your cholesterol low and are looking for
a healthy recipe for dinner that is full of flavor, filling, why not try a stir fry?

Vegetables are fat free and low calorie and if you also use chicken, another low fat food, you can afford to serve the dish on a small portion of rice or pasta. Of course if you want to feel really virtuous you can skip the carbs altogether and, as vegetables are so efficient at filling you up, you won’t feel hungry.
The secret to a good stir fry lies in the preparation. Make sure all your ingredients are chopped up before you start. Separate your ingredients according to cooking time and the things that take longer to cook that need to go into the wok first.

 2 cloves fresh garlic
4 red, yellow or green bell peppers cleaned seeded and sliced
1 lb fresh mushrooms sliced
baby corn
broccoli florets
2 zucchini cut in slices I used one yellow and one green squash
1 pound of fresh tomatoes put through the food processor keeping a little chunky
fresh parsley and basil
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste
dash of cayenne pepper
1/4 cup Burgundy wine
3 tablespoons olive oil for stir fry

In a large electric fry pan or large fry pan on medium heat, add olive.  After the oil is heated, add garlic, vegetables in order by how long the desired softness. Add the wine and cook 15 minutes more.  Add to steamed rice, boiled pasta.


Becky said…
Your stir fry looks soo good. We amke stir fry often, with whatever veddies we have in fridge, oe sometimes I buy a frozen stir fry medley from Trader Joe's, delicious and healthy, too.
Curt said…
Okay, I'm sold! I look towards the healthier choices more and more all the time.

Stir fry is something I rarely do. I will give it a try!
Unknown said…
i should be on diet....this vegetable dish look very delicious blessing simmy
Claudia said…
This is in my near future! Just what I'm looking for!
Jennifer said…
Yummy - this is perfect! Claudia, I like your new photo in your profile! You look wonderful.
J E S S said…
Can't say I have EVER stir-fried with tomatoes like that, but it's BRILLIANT! This looks delicious, girl! I'm all over it. :) xoxo
Christina Kim said…
NO DOUBT, this is the BEST way...I love stir fry vegetables...yummy and healthylicious ;)
Eliotseats said…
Thanks for the recent comment. I'm glad it led me to your site. Looks like some awesome and healthy recipes.
mutant mass said…
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