Healthier Apple Berry Crumble

    Blackberries are also rich in manganese and vitamin C. It is important to have adequate vitamin C as a lack of it can weaken our immune system, which in turn can make you stressed and run down. Other good sources of manganese and vitamin C are strawberries and raspberries.

    Lower Cholesterol with apples!  The pectin in apples lowers LDL ("bad") cholesterol. People who eat two apples per day may lower their cholesterol by as much as 16 percent.

Apple Berry Crumble
  • 6 mcintosh or gala apples cut in slices
  • 1 cup blackberries or blueberries
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans
  • 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • zest from 1 lime and juice squeezed
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small pieces
  •  fat free vanilla ice cream  or fat free whipped cream(optional)
Heat oven to 350° F. In a shallow baking dish, combine the fruits, honey, pecans, lime zest, and juice. Toss and set aside.
In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar, and butter. Using your fingertips, work the butter into the flour mixture until crumbly and sprinkle over the apples.
Bake until the apples are tender and the topping is golden brown, about 45 minutes. Remove from oven and let sit, covered, for 10 minutes. Serve warm, with ice cream if desired or fat free whipped cream.


Oh, how I wished my hubby liked blackberries! I love them...and they are SO flavorful and fabulous in pies and crisps. Great healthy version, Claudia!
Greg said…
MMMM...berry crumble. My grandma had blackberry bushes growing next to her driveway . She would always get mad when we arrived at her house we would run to the bushes before we would go see her.
Claudia said…
I cannot resist any berry. Love to see blackberries being used! It's love - and to tell the truth - I'd probably stick a little full-fat ice cream on top. (Shhhh)
This looks dreamy! I love that you used blackberries!!
Anonymous said…
What a great recipe and honey bunny LOVES black berries! Thanks for sharing!
TinaRBK said…
Using more fruit in desserts is a great way to cut back on chocolate. This recipe does look delicious. The only issue would be not eating all those blackberries prior to making the dessert! have a great day!
Joanne said…
I love crumbles. They are more of a favorite for me than pies.
Curt said…
Oh my, that looks delicious. And healthy too? What more can a guy ask for!
Missy ~ said…
This looks inviting! Thank you for the recipe!
LOVE this recipe! I also love that it is a healthier version. Being a type 1 diabetic I always appreciate healthier desserts like this!
Adam said…
looks great
Amalia said…
I love fruit desserts! Maybe it's just because they make me feel less guilty for eating not seconds, but thirds :) So of course, I'm loving the sound of this recipe! It's a great recipe for fall and who doesn't love healthy desserts?
redkathy said…
Hi Claudia,

That crumble is to die for, I pinned it!

I just received a copy of Joy Bauer's new book Food Cures. It amazing how certain food combinations become the foundation for improved health. Our grandmas old sayings and thoughts on food were spot on. This book supports, through professionals in both the medical and nutritional fields, much of what they preached to us back in the day.

Have a great weekend!

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