Top Foods to Add to your Diet and Heart Health in 2012

Apples:  No #1 on top of my list this year. Two apples a day or 12 ounce glass of pure juice can lower your LDL cholesterol and can lower your chances of heart disease by 50%!  This is a must add to my diet in 2012 for sure.

Garlic: Garlic can lower your LDL in your cholesterol and thins your blood naturally which can lower your chance of heart disease.

Kale : This  leafy green will give you  Vitamin A and is a cancer fighting antioxidant. This great source of heart hhealthy fiber is also good for your skin, eyes and promotes a healthy immune system. Just 1 cup of Kale has almost as much vitamin C as a whole orange!

Sardines:    Rich in omega 3 fats and packed with Vitamin D. Because these fish are so small they have allot less contaminants than the larger fish.  Just 3 ounces will give you 1950 milligrams of omega 3! Salmon is a second runner up with 950 milligrams of omega 3 in Alaska Wild caught Salmon as it is closely monitored for contaminants and has stricter regulations.

Pomegranate:  Helps protect and mop up harmful free radicals and can protect you from chronic illnesses like heart disease. Just one cup has 4 grams of fiber in a glass.

Oatmeal:  One of my favorite to lower cholesterol! 1 1/2 cups a day can actually lower the bad LDL in your cholesterol count by 5%!

Quinoa:  Great grain food for dieters as it makes you stay full longer, packed with fiber!

Kefir:  Look for this in the dairy section in your supermarkets. This is a pro biotic. Much needed to boost your immune system.  It's like drinking yogurt.

Lentils:  Full of fiber and protein, economical and a wonderful source of iron.  Guess what else?  They are good for your heart too! Beans in general like black eyed, pinto, pink beans, kidney all good for your heart!


Greg said…
Your project for next week is to come up with a recipe that uses all of these ingredients.
@Greg... oh boy that's a challenged if I ever heard one... maybe you can help me out with that, I may get Chopped! lol my favoritie food show btw~
Claudia said…
Actually use most of these daily - Kefir - just a little - pomegranate - just a little - but feeling pretty good right now!
Tum Reddy said…
Green tea is another excellent source of heart-healthy antioxidants. Brew your own, adding just a touch of raw sugar or honey if you must sweeten it.

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Cucina49 said…
The good news is that I already love most of these foods--apples are a particular favorite of mine, and I keep a bowl of fruit on my desk to remind me to eat it.
Eliotseats said…
I'm right with you there on the apples, garlic, kale, poms, oatmeal, quinoa, and lentils. Unsure about kefir and sorry, but I won't do sardines. :) Great post, though.t
TinaRBK said…
Most of these I already find in my diet, except for the sardines and lentil-so this post has advised that I am already eating fairly healthy. However, I do need to think about eating these more often. Thanks for sharing this information!
Balvinder said…
Except Sardines and Kefir ,I eat everything. Great Post.
I love apples! Hence my blog name, hehe. And I love quinoa too... Great list. :)
I believe that apple is good to the body.. well, i would love to take a lot of fruits and veggies and lesser meat this year.
Dwijayasblog said…
If only you add more picture than apple, it would help me to know what Garlic or Kale is. I like Oatmeal, too. Good list though. I eat it for my breakfast.
Peggy said…
These are all great foods to add to one's diet =)

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