Top Worst Foods For Your Heart Health Give Them Up!

1. Chips : High in fat and calories. An ounce is around 150 calories and 10 grams of fat 3 in which are saturated!

Substitute rice cakes that now come in many flavors or Heart Smart Pop Corn

2.  Non Dairy Whipped toppings:  Such as Cool whip and it's knockoffs. These are full of corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils bad for the arteries.

Substitute vanilla yogurt that also has healthy calcium .

3.  Doughnuts : These have a high amount of calories, white flour and sugar and the worse deep fried. An old-fashioned cake doughnut has 300 calories, 28 grams of carbohydrates and a whopping 19 grams of fat, including 5 grams of saturated fat and 4 grams of trans fat.  Only 30% of our calories should come from fat, says the American Heart Association. That’s about 65 grams in a 2,000-calorie daily diet.

Substitute a multi grain bagel.

4. Alfredo Sauce:  Butter and cheese, a food lovers dream?  Not hardly full of fat and calories, around 530 for 3 ounces and 33 grams of fat!

Substitute whole grain pasta or spinach and opt in for marinara sauce.

5.  Sausages: Pork sausage for one single link is over 197 calories and 19 grams of fat!

Substitute  vegetarian sausage or turkey Italian sausage.

6.  Fried Chicken: Calories and fat content in a chicken breast around 400 calories and 22 grams of fat.

Substitute grilled chicken that will be around 189 calories with a some fresh lemon juice, olive oil and some seasoning.

7. Jar or canned Cheeses:  Your heart hates this! A artery blocker for sure!  Two tablespoons is around 280 calories and 21 grams of fat 13 which are saturated!!!  Get rid of this!

Substitute REAL CHEESE  the lighter ones that are better for you are brie or goat cheese.

8.  French Fries: Oh I know you hate to see this one here but a large order of fries is over 550 calories,  half the calories from fat if you include a hamburger raise the fat content to 39 grams and 679 calories!

Substitute  Baked Fries, sweet potatoes baked. If you have to have french fries, opt in for a small fry order the kids fry serving. It's 280 calories and 13 grams of fat. Every once in awhile I have a kids meal but don't tell anyone ....

9.  Fried Wontons:  Many Appetizers are made with cream cheese stuffed with crab, shrimp etc. These fried little gems are a whopping 310 calories and 19 grams of fat!

Substitute whole wheat bread toasted topped with fresh chopped tomato and basil a few shrimp.

10. White Bread : white bread is full of carbs, adds nothing but  that will waste your 65 calories per slice with very little nutrition and will leave your body crying for fiber.

Substitute  with Whole grain or whole wheat bread these offer heart healthy fiber with around the same calories.

Just remember everything in moderation, sometimes however, we just have to stay away from the fats that hurt of heart health, don't just eat it because it's fast or it's there, think about the long term, start today, your heart will like the answers.


Becky said…
Great tips for people, like us are heart healthy aware. Love the eat this, not that!
Megan's Cookin' said…
Great list to avoid. Now I need to practice what you preach! :)I love a good doughnut. (sigh)
Curt said…
Great info Claudia. I'm always looking for good substitutions for some of my favorite, (not so healthy) foods.
TinaRBK said…
I am in violation of 4 out of 10. Some of the others listed I do think taste great but I have not had them in a while. Thanks for the helpful information and enjoy the weekend!
motherrimmy said…
Boy are you right - this is a good list of foods to avoid!
gr8 post dear...definitely useful :-)
I do pretty well avoiding this list...sausage is the only iffy one, but we get them from our meat market and they are on the lean side.
Banish that salt shaker from the dinner table. Never add extra salt on top of your food. Excess sodium intake causes hypertension.


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