Six Health Problems That Can Happen to Bloggers "Can Blogging Be What Ails You ? "

Eat more fruits!  Get more exercise, feel better than ever!

One of the many things in the last three years I have read about bloggers, is that they are spending endless hours typing, sitting and blogging and online fun can cause some problems. They're getting more aches and pains and it's not only painful but annoying to say the least. Normal occurrences that are brought on by our additionzl recreations are part of the blogging world.  If you have some of these aliments below  it's time for you to take a long look at the habits you have made and make some changes in your life style and habits before going through many tests at the doctors to find out that nothing is wrong with you but poor blogging habits and run up those bills that will cost allot of money finding out. Here are some of these complaints that may help you heal.

  1. Elbows hurt?  Are you leaning one arm on the table all the time, that bone will become inflamed. Try using a pillow underneath it, wrap it up with a towel or apply heat.
  2. Does you knees hurt more? This is something that happens from sitting long long periods, does the time just get away from you?  Try propping your legs up while sitting, use another chair to prop that leg up or both.
  3. Your  lower back aches all the time? Think about being hunched over all the time while blogging. This can cause pinched nerves, again habits create some pain if done over and over just like sleeping in the wrong position. This one is critical, so you will have to set the timer to get up and move every thirty minutes, stretch, bend, and loosen up. Your body is telling you it's not happy. If you can, have a deep back massage done once a month.
  4. Headaches? A common complaint. Long hours on a computer may be a signal for your eyes. They need a rest too. Try low script reading glasses for up close typing, eye drops for dryness and again limit the time. Take a break in between writing. Stay hydrated drink lots of water or eat watermelon.
  5. Hand and wrist issues? Oh course your typing all the time, this is the most common of all complaints. The bottom part under your thumb area hurts, your wrist is sore. Wear a wrist band all the time, the thin ones can help. This is tough on those parts and not allot but resting can help, take a moment to shake your rest while breaking every half hour, don't do what you always do or you will get what you always got. The arm band, elbow bands and thumb can feel numb, sore or pulled by spending endless hours typing.
  6. Weight gain? Oh yes the dreaded weight gain can creep up so fast. If your a food blogger it's the tasting that will get you, calories add up fast. It's time to start shedding the blogger weight, sitting will do that too! Have snacks already to go in baggies while your busy at work typing. Try apples slices, pears, bananas, carrots, celery. Drink vitamin waters, melons for hydration and if you must taste everything hold back on eating the whole thing.  There are plenty of snacks to enjoy that are healthy and satisfying. You can put on as much as 12 pounds a year. Diet is important for heart health. Stay away from chips and empty calorie foods.

So in conclusion, you have to identify how long you have had these new pains. Take a long look at your habits in blogging,  make yourself understand there is a solution and changes are needed, then stick a healthy program. Set a timer, do some stretches, treat yourself to a massage, get out and walk. You will see a difference.  Of course you should always check with your doctors if nothing has helped you, but I sure hope your pain goes away before that happens.
Hope these tips will help some of you out there, getting older isn't an excuse so you just can't use that one, this can happen to anyone, at any age.. Just keep moving, stay active and eat right!


Claudia said…
Yes, have blogging ailments (also I sit all day writing!) My remedy is indeed fruit for snacks and some long walks at the gym!
Adam said…
my back does hurt
TinaRBK said…
I think computer breaks, exercising and little or healthy snacking is great advice. However, sticking to this can be difficult. Thanks for the helpful information here, always appreciated.
Oh yes. For me, it's the wrist and weight gain! Great tips, thanks for sharing!
so crazy that you mentioned this! I get overly cranky if I spend too much time online/blogging/emailing/etc... so sometimes I'll be a little extra crabby at my husband after a long day of this and suddenly get up and shut down the computer saying "BAD COMPUTER! BAD!" haha it helps to blame it for my mood so I can move on ;)
Kiri W. said…
Some of these are definitely true! Good advice :)
Denise W said…
So true!!! My butt hurts most days but fortunately i do exercise and get up and walk around every hour or so! Thanks for reminding all of us of the perils.
Unknown said…
very interesting post!
Love this blog!
Denise said…
Excellent post! Thanks for all the really great information.
Jocie's Mom said…
I have definitely chunked out. One of my earliest comments on facebook after I started my blog was that it was making me fat! I've decided to post less this year so that I'm spending less time over the computer :)
Mother Rimmy said…
This post has good timing - I've been icing a sore elbow and arm for the past two weeks!
Great points! thanks for sharing!
Cucina49 said…
Claudia, thanks for drawing our attention to these issues! I have to be really aware of my position when typing.
Sandra said…
Great tips Claudia! I set my timer every 30-45 minutes I'm on the computer so I get get up and do something else.
Great pointers, Claudia!!! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend~
Unknown said…
Fabulous advice! I never thought of the elbow one! I have consiously made the decision to get to the gym more of the last year. Unfortunately I don't blog as often but I feel so much better! Great post Claudia!

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