Fresh Corn Are There Any Health Benefits?

THE BEST CORN IS FRESH! It's healthy and a great source of Fiber!

Growing your own corn as we did this year can be easier than you think. One tip I have is to hang tins on sticks. If the birds or animals decide to eat the corn they don't like the noise of reflections.
Somewhat of a scarecrow!

The best way to serve fresh corn? Shuck it, place on foil with olive oil, cajun spices and squirt of fresh lime. Wrap it up and grill it or bake it.  Truly the tastiest and most tender... plain ole boiled with nothing on it would be fine for me too! Nothing like fresh corn!

Health benefits you ask?

Yellow corn has what is called zeaxanthin and is a cancer fighting lutein. The corn downside would be to carb haters, yes it is full of carbohydrates but still a great source of fiber!

The plant substance in corn called phtonutrients in the carotenoids family can promote heart and vision health which long term can help vision degeneration.


Adam said…
winter time is the worst time for fresh corn. A top price for crap crop
Greg said…
One of the cool things about corn is you don't have to cook it. It can be eaten raw. I agree with you about boiled corn, most people cook it do long it becomes tough. Only 1 to 2 minutes is all I cook it for.
Torviewtoronto said…
fresh corn is delicious :)

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