February is American Heart Month So Here Are Healthy Heart Tips

                                                 Getting HEART SMART MONTH!

After reading for years what the American Heart Association guidelines have to say about heart disease, I got use to eating alot less red meats. They recommend eating no more than 6 ounces of cooked lean meats, poultry, fish or seafood in a single day based on people who need 2,000 calories. Roughly 70 milligrams of cholesterol are in each 3 ounche cooked servings. However the amount of saturated fat in meat can vary. Here are some ways to reduce that fat.    

Buy meats that are lean and minimal fat. Lean beef include the round, chuck and sirloin. Lean port cuts include tenderloin or loin chop and lean lamb comes from the leg or arm and loin.

Buy choice or select grades rather than prime. Lean or extra lean ground beef.
Trim all visible fat.
Broil instead of fry meat.
Drain off the fat when broling, roasting or baking.  Don't baste with drippings, keep them the meat moist by using wine or fruit juice.

Cook meat a day ahead of time then refrigerate. Remove the hardened fat and remove from the top. Use in stews, soup or other stir fry dishes.
Any recipe that asked for browning try using the broiled instead of a fry pan.
Eat chicken and turkey more often avoid duck and goose.
Always remove the skin from the poultry before cooking.

Don't eat processed meat and avoid if possible, sausage, bologna, salami and hot dogs.  Even those reduced fat are high in calories and saturated fat. Also they all have way too much sodium. Read labels carefully.

Higher cholesterol is in liver, sweetbreads, kidney and brain... way too high if you watching.  Only eat occasionally.


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