Summer Peaches and Recipes

Both low in sugar and in calories they are packed with vitamin C and fiber. Peaches are a perfect snack or dessert. Grilled with a little honey perfection is born! Actually grilling peaches enhances the flavor.
Actually a native to China, peaches made their way to the southern U.S. through Spanish settlers. Today California produces the most peaches with South Carolina and Georgia right behind them.

Here are some of  the different kinds:

Freestone: These come apart easy from the pit and are easy to eat, great to bake with and awesome for making preserves. Perfect for those galette pastry desserts!

Clingstone: Oh you know this type, these are the ones that stick to the pit and are very tricky to eat or cook with, most of the time piss you off!

Donut: Yes these are flat peaches or otherwise known as Saturn peach, a different shape and that's about it. They have the same taste as a round peach and yellow or white inside.

Nectarine: The peach that's fuzzless! Nectarines can be red, yellow, or white flesh and pretty tasty.

White Peach: Great for making a White Peach Sangria! These peaches can also be yellow, white or red flesh and seem to be more of a musky scent than yellow peaches, a little more of a subtler taste.

Other Peach Recipe Links see below:

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