GOODWIPES Summer Tour 2017 #WipesOnWheels

Thank you GoodWipes  for sponsoring this post!  all opinions are my own...

I am so excited to introduce this awesome product to you,  GOODWIPES! I can't tell you how many times we've been stuck in traffic while traveling and could have used these GOODWIPES They are wonderful and a perfect way to freshen up in the car when you can't stop! It's practically a shower in a wipe! Check out our family video below!

Jennifer, Antonio and Talia's mom, use these knowing they are gentle for kids and they were feeling fresh again while being wiped down after an 8 hours of drowsy travel on the road. 

 GoodWipes are awesome to re hydrate after any long trip! The kids were refreshed and ready to move on for some fun on our vacation! 

 I thank the folks and makers of GoodWipes  for this opportunity to share this awesome product with my viewers. Also a big shout out to my friends over at The Women Bloggers

GoodWipes is a great product that you can find at some Walmarts and available in 638 locations nationwide in the feminine hygiene section! For those of you taking long trips this is a must have or even some day trips! Check them out on Facebook!  Are you following them on Twitter?

I love how they're good for you and the earth too! This product is great for re hydrating with soothing ingredients like aloe and chamomile, along with vitamin E with none of the bad stuff like alcohol or parabens which dry out your skin.

Guess what's even better? They are the only flushable and biodegradable feminine wipe on the market. Here are the closest stores to find them. Click HERE for your nearest Walmart where GOODWIPES are sold.

There is more than one awesome and unique quality they have. They smell great, feel super smooth and are so soft too!  One of the greatest innovations ever for traveling!

 Oh, AND they're traveling from Atlanta across the country through Texas and California on their #WipesOnWheelsTour. They're living out of a converted school bus for 40 days!  HOW fun is that!

 This is an amazing product that is great for the whole family.  As GOODWIPES says "they keep you peachy clean from front, back and side to side!"

They can certainly be used on children of all ages. Baby Wipes dry out the skin on sensitive area's, bad for pH and your skin, smells way too strong plus they CANNOT be flushed.

Other feminine hygiene wipes use pH/skin-threatening ingredients and are certainly not eco-friendly like GOODWIPES.  Time to get moving! Everyone out there safe travels and don't forget to pack your goodwipes!

What a great Summer Tour 2017!

Happy GOODWIPES Tour 2017! #wipesonwheels


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