Eating the Right Foods To Fight Inflammation

Some of the best foods on earth can help without taking medicines. Take a look at what can relieve inflammation and what you can to do relieve it with some change in eating habits.

Here are the top anti inflammatory foods to keep your diet as healthy as possible:

Cherries- great for inflammation even offers pain relief in liquid form
Salmon- Omega fats play a big role in suppressing inflammation
Broccoli- All family like vegetables are great for suppressing inflammation associated with cancers
Shitake Mushrooms- Studies show these to reduce inflammation and great to boost immune system
Extra Virgin Olive Oil-  Again another inflammation suppressor along with other oils with omega-3's are suggested like flaxseed and canola.
Avocado- Counteracts inflammations, studies show its works with both antioxidants and monounsaturated fats.
Turmeric- Eases symptoms of inflammation
Tomatoes-  I have written before on the lycopene reduces inflammation which also lowers cancer and cardiovascular risks
Spinach- All leafy greens are recommended, spinach boost immune system
Strawberries- All berries in fact are good to reduce inflammation

Things that inflame and to stay away from:

Excessive alcohol
Regularly eating more calories than your body needs
Trans and saturated fats
Fried foods
Refined carbs like white bread, white rice, my doctor said anything white stay away from (flour)
Added sugars
Artificial sweeteners
High fat meats and processed meats


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