Kids Halloween Fun Foods To Make

Here are 20 fun food ideas for the kids to make for their fun stay-at-home Halloween party.

These are fun for the young and young at heart.

Easy to make with simple ingredients and some will have links to recipes to try.

The fun begins when you get creative.

These foods are a great project for the whole family and so much fun to eat!

assorted fun foods for Halloween

Fun Foods Below

These are easy foods to make for the family or Halloween party.

Each one is an idea listed or is linked to some other recipes we love.

the family dressed for Halloween in costumes

Halloween Fun Foods

1. Witch Fingers: Ladyfingers, decorated with raw almonds or even a roasted pumpkin seed

2. Creepy Tiny Cakes: Buy pound cake cut into squares and decorate with canned frosting and oreo crushed cookies adding some sour gummies on top

3. Mummy Truffles: Oreo Cookie bites dipped in white chocolate and criss-cross pretzel sticks

4. Apple Teeth: Sliced apple wedges carved with teeth

6. Meatloaf: make your favorite recipe and decorate with pepper strips, olives for eyes and cover in ketchup for a bloody look

7. Easy Pumpkin Patties: buy Oreos, dip in orange-tinted melt white chocolate tinted decorated with mini chocolate chips and green gumdrop for the stem

8. Homemade Chocolate Candy Fudge: Make easy quick fudge and add Halloween leftover candy to make a colorful fudge

9. Salted Caramel Candy Corn Bark: Melt the white or dark chocolate pour on a cookie sheet, add chocolate chips, nuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins for an easy bark

10. Peanut Butter Candy Corn Bark: Melt chocolate any color and add candy corn and chopped peanut butter cups

11. Spiderweb Cake: Make a Spider Cake

12. Graveyard Cake: Make a Graveyard Cake

13. Candy Corn Popcorn: Make my Baked Caramel Popcorn and add some yummy assorted Halloween candy in a big bowl

14. Mummy Dogs: Use refrigerated biscuit dough and wrap hotdogs with it for a mummy

15. Pumpkin S’mores: Buy molasses cookies and top with chocolate and mini marshmallow broil till toasty

16. Apple Pie Mummy: Use refrigerated dough, use apple pie canned filled and cut strips to make an apple pie mummy

17. Gummy Worm and Legs Cake: Make any cake mix, frost with chocolate frosting, oreo cookie crumbs and buy dollar store dolls, add just the legs and gummy worms

18. Devilish Eyes: Make hard-boiled eggs and tint the mayonnaise green make eyes with olives

19. Halloween Chex Mix: Make a combination of cereals you like adding, chocolate-coated candies, candy corn and other Halloween candy with pretzels

20. Halloween Donut Holes Eyes: Buy powdered sugar-covered donut holes, white frosting and assorted chocolate-colored candies for the eyes