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Fresh Spinach and Sweet Peppers Benefits and Weight Loss

Using spinach to lose weight is a healthy way to get your daily vitamins and fiber.  Besides being rich in fiber, Vitamin K and Iron, it can be very beneficial to weight loss.  Eating it raw gives you a daily dose of Vitamin C. Adding a salad before your main meal will make you feel full and eat less dinner. 

There are many ways to get your daily dose in a delicious way. Salads, spinach sauteed with peppers then used in omelets are just a few suggestions.

Here's a lowfat salad dressing to top that raw spinach with along with some suggestions to give you a added flavor to that salad:

2 tablespoons of each:
Orange juice
balsamic vinegar
dried cranberries
olive oil

1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard

Add a little of each in a cup, whisk to blend and pour over the raw spinach.
You can also add low fat feta cheese, chopped apples, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots.

Natural Relief for the Common Cold Remedies

For years Garlic has been thought of as a natural antibotic. See some of the other remedies you can use when the crude hits you!

Sore throat
Itchy eyes
Watery Eyes
Mild Headache
Mild Fatigue
Body Aches
Fever less than 102
Here are a few natural remedies to prevent and treat the common cold. Of course certain foods help boost the immune system as well there are several article written here to help you understand the interactions foods have with your well being.

Zinc: May help with replication of virus to prevent. Zinc is found in lozenges formVitamin D: Reduces risks for catching a cold.Astragalus: A Chinese root that boosts the immune system. Can be found in capsules or tea form.Garlic: A natural antibioticVitamin C: Studies found that taking 1000 units will reduce the incidence of colds and flu.Honey: Soothing for the throat and helps a cough. Echinacea: Herb found in Air borne over the counter can combat before the flu or cold strikes. Ginseng: Effective in lessening the du…