Paper Holiday Kids Projects

I love coming up with fun crafts for the kids to do, especially during a stormy day.

We recently had a long wait as Hurricane Dorian was approaching where we live on the East Coast of Florida.

I wanted to make sure the kids were busy always having something fun to do to keep their minds active and not thinking of the turmoil that could happen.

Days went by and as fate would have it, we were lucky to dodge that horrible storm here.

These crafts are fun all year long no matter what holiday it is and you can change the photo to anything you want.

A few items for a dollar store like glue, styrofoam balls, and other inexpensive items will keep the little ones happy and
the outcome is wonderful.

Easy, to do, fun to make and the best outcome, BIG SMILES!

Little Christmas Trees with a Train Kids Project

These are just the cutest Christmas trees with a working train that goes around them. These are for on top of a child's dresser. Found everything at a local dollar store and the best part was seeing their faces light up like the Christmas tree when plugged in!!


Painting Adorable Rock Hobby Ideas

I have a new hobby I just love! It's so easy and everything comes from finding rocks in various places that are hidden. I think my inner child has come out to play!

There are many cities and clubs in our Florida area that paint rocks, hide them for people to find and collect. When I found my first rock, I was hooked.

I found all kinds of shapes and sizes at various dollar store along with acrylic paints and started painting them to be hidden and found later.

Now I am addicted.

Plastic Filled Christmas Ornaments

The skies the limit with imagination with these plastic filled Christmas ornaments!

Homemade Porch Light Covers


Door Christmas Decoration!

Door Christmas Decoration!

Here's what I did:

Here is what you should have on hand:
Pipe cleaners in different colors 
Glue gun
Old ornaments
Green wreath garland
2- 18 inch green garland wreath from the dollar store
Glitter glue in red or green
Assorted decorations IE old pine cones, red berries, poinsettia flowers, little wrapped presents or drums any kind of ornaments you aren't using anymore. 

Bought two wreaths from the dollar store, clipped the fasteners with a pliers, then fastened them lengthwise together with pipe cleaners. 

The I wrapped this with green wreath garland. Fastened it at each end with bows. Used pipe cleaners in green to twist tie together in four places.

I found many loose older ornaments than I took apart and used the flowers, bulbs, presents, drum, birds, berries and pine cones.
I used a glue gun after I positioned them where I liked.

You can also purchase glitter and dip the pine cone and other decorations into glitter before you place them on the banner wreath.


Eating the Right Foods To Fight Inflammation

Some of the best foods on earth can help without taking medicines. Take a look at what can relieve inflammation and what you can to do relieve it with some change in eating habits.