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Fresh Rosemary Tips and Potato Recipe

Rosemary is a member of the mint family. It grows easily and with stands lots of different kinds of weather including cold and drought. The herb enhances stuffings, potatoes and other vegetables,  Italian style pizza, salad dressings, stews, sauces chicken lamb, turkey and pork. Rosemary has been stated that it improves the memory. Rosemary is high and rich in iron, B6 and calcium.

Here are some great tips to use this amazing herb:

These fresh sprigs come off easy by removing from the bottom to the top with your thumb and index finger. Chop, or leave whole. Place in zip lock bags to use whenever you need all year round.

Toss this amazing herb whole on the grill to enhance meat and grilling flavors. You can also use the tough stems as skewers to thread the meat on.

Add to salad dressings.

Used on top of pizza dough called focaccia. Herbs and spices with olive oil and butter.

Harvest by freezing the cleaned single and removed from vine sprigs into olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays…

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