Homemade Christmas Porch Light Covers

You can make them a wreath and close the bottom or a swag!

Here is an inexpensive way to dress up your porch lights for the Holiday!

You can find many decorations that cover the whole light at any dollar store!

Here's what I did:

Here is what you should have on hand:
Pipe cleaners in different colors 
Glue gun
Old ornaments or purchase new from the dollar stores
Green wreath garland around 15 feet
2- 18 inch green garland wreath from the dollar store
Glitter glue in red or green
Assorted decorations IE old pine cones, red berries, poinsettia flowers, little wrapped presents or drums any kind of ornaments you aren't using anymore. 
Large ornament that can be seen through to hang in the middle

Bought two wreaths from the dollar store, clipped the fasteners with a  wire cutter pliers, then fastened them lengthwise together with pipe cleaners. 

The I wrapped this with green wreath garland. Fastened it at each end with pipe cleaners. Used pipe cleaners in green to twist tie together in four places.

I found many loose older ornaments than I took apart and used the flowers, bulbs, presents, drum, birds, berries and pine cones.
I used a glue gun after I positioned them where I liked. Centered the largest one in the middle to cover the porch light. I used the bell.

You can also purchase glitter and dip the pinecone and other decorations into glitter before you place them on the banner wreath.

Let dry then hang with some fishing line attached to the back of the wreath ring around the back of the porch lights to stay in place.