Plastic Filled Christmas Ornaments

The skies the limit with imagination with these plastic filled Christmas ornaments!

Using things I find around the house and outside to make them. You just need to buy the inexpensive empty plastic ornaments holders from a dollar store.

For the Snowman:

I filled it with Styrofoam beads from the dollar store.
Cut out a hat made of construction paper. The nose was a piece of foam that was orange.
The eyes and buttons are black pepper corns
The twigs I found outside on the ground.
Hot glued everything on and added a sparkling red bow on the side.

For the Christmas Candle Sand Ornament:

Here's what I used:
Old pins with the backs removed
Old beads taken apart
Hot glue
Sea shells

I filled the ornament with beach sand. Added beads and sea shells. Hot glued an old pin on the front and two seashells on the sides.