Painting Adorable Rock Hobby Ideas

I have a new hobby I just love! It's so easy and everything comes from finding rocks in various places that are hidden. I think my inner child has come out to play!

There are many cities and clubs in our Florida area that paint rocks, hide them for people to find and collect. When I found my first rock, I was hooked.

I found all kinds of shapes and sizes at various dollar store along with acrylic paints and started painting them to be hidden and found later.

Now I am addicted.

Not Hard At All To Do!

I am not an artist or pretend to be.

This is just a fun hobby to pass the time.

Painting isn't one of my specialties, but sharing is.


The rule is if you find a painted rock, you can keep it or rehide it.

I usually rehide mine in the city somewhere.

Usually outside because they do not want you to put them inside business of any kind.

I usually hide mine in parks, the zoo or even outside somewhere at the shopping plaza and malls.

My Favorites

I really love to paint characters and holiday themes.

I usually draw with a magic marker and then fill it in with paints.

You can really get some great ideas on Pinterest or looking at images and try to copy that.

I am not really great at drawing either.

So far, my favorite was the penguin and I didn't hide that one I kept it for myself!

But I will be making more penguins so I can hide and place in the area somewhere!

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Again, rocks are easy to find outside, all the local home improvements stores or in dollar stores.

I usually buy river rocks.

I have black ones and then grey.

I also like sparkles to put on them.

Check out the dollar store for craft supplies if you want to start this fun hobby.

Create Away!

They are so much fun to make, love to see the kids smiles and a great project to keep the little ones busy!

I am sure you can make some adorable rocks as your own new hobby much nicer than I can!

Have fun and don't forget to pin this idea!

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