Paper Holiday Kids Projects

I love coming up with fun crafts for the kids to do, especially during a stormy day.

We recently had a long wait as Hurricane Dorian was approaching where we live on the East Coast of Florida.

I wanted to make sure the kids were busy always having something fun to do to keep their minds active and not thinking of the turmoil that could happen.

Days went by and as fate would have it, we were lucky to dodge that horrible storm here.

These crafts are fun all year long no matter what holiday it is and you can change the photo to anything you want.

A few items for a dollar store like glue, styrofoam balls, and other inexpensive items will keep the little ones happy and
the outcome is wonderful.

Easy, to do, fun to make and the best outcome, BIG SMILES!

Just Plain Fun

Antonio just loved making this easy penguin, and there really was nothing to it.

We could have used cotton balls to make him fluffy or even drew a snowman, but a penguin was his favorite.

Didn't he do a great job!

You don't even need directions right? Just look at the photo to figure it out.

Colored Construction Paper is all you need to get started with this fun project.

I cut them out myself because I didn't have kids scissors on hand, which I have now bought!

Just use a round glass or whatever you have to trace the round circles for the head, arms and body.

Easy peasy for the beak and feet, they don't have to be perfect!

snowman made with construction paper buttons and cotton

kids scissors
clear tape
school white glue
tiny styrofoam balls or cotton balls ( found at any dollar store in the craft section)
1 orange and 1 black piece of construction paper
2 small black buttons
2 glasses different size to trace
1 sheet of construction paper for pasting the penguin on in any color except black or orange for the background

Trace 1 large and 3 small glass rounds with a marker on black paper.

Cut out the black three circles.

Place the larger circle over the two smaller to show parts of the arms of the penguin, then the last smaller one for the head.

Tape the back of the circles to the solid color paper background to be set in place.

Cover the large center circle with glue, add the small styrofoam balls or ( cotton balls).

Shake off the loose ones, then do a second coat of glue and more balls covering all the black,

Cover part of the arms with glue (leaving a curved look of the black paper showing) cover the rest of each arm with the styrofoam balls.

On orange construction paper make the shape of a beak on the paper and feet with a pencil or marker.

Cut them out and paste them to the penguin.

Last glue on the black buttons for the eyes.

Let dry overnight.

Scary Ghost Napkin

Talia is only 3 and would have a little harder time with the styrofoam beads, so we made a
ghost being its September and only a month away from Halloween.

She thought it was a little scary.

The napkins and foil did the trick or treat?

Halloween Fun

She loved it so much when it was done, she made another for her brother Antonio!

Next time we will make a larger ball and make a pumpkin with an orange napkin.

Just twist the top around the foil and tie it up with brown yarn, make a face and viola another way project!

Halloween Ghost

Marker any color black preferred
1 white napkin
aluminum foil ball

Roll the foil into a ball.
Place under the napkin and fold until you can't see it,
Use a twist tie under the ball of the neck area.
Place eyes on it with a colored marker.

We have more ideas in store for the holidays, so stay tuned!