Kid's Easy Stick Superhero Craft

This Kid's Easy Stick Superhero Craft is an easy super fun stick character they will have fun for hours making.

Just choose some markers and popsicle sticks to add the cape and color the sticks and they will enjoy a girl or boy superhero with just a few items to get started.

The kids love coloring with washable markers and this can be done inside or out to keep them occupied with very little help.

Kids around 4 to 6 just love making this craft and making their favorite heroes!

Check out the supplies and how easy this is to make with my simple instructions or just follow the photo and get creative!

using markers to make superhero stick figures

Craft Items You May Need

  • Use crayons instead of washable marker
  • Get some fine line markers for eyes
  • Glue on moveable craft eyes instead of making them with a marker
  • Water paints will work fine for outdoor use

  • these are sticks, cupcake liners and washable markers for kids superhero craft

    Other Ideas For Crafting Tools

  • Washable markers or water paints
  • popsicle sticks
  • mini paper candy cups in solid colors or candy or cupcake wrappers
  • tape or glue
  • Optional: plastic small eyes instead of using the markers
  • yarn to make hair

  • this is Antonio making superhero with sticks and markers


    Fold the top part of the colorful wrapper to make a point at the top to show just a portion of the cape color.

    The bottom will hang down and have just the inside color to make the cape length.

    Using any color of the markers, coordinate the cap colors, for the shirt and color in the pants at the bottom.

    Make the hair and eyes with the markers of any color you prefer.

    Place the stick on the cape with either glue or tape to hold in place. Easy projects for the kids and this will keep them busy for hours.

    this is a craft with my grandson making popsicle stick super heroes

    This is a fun craft that will keep them busy for hours.